Improv for English Language Learners

Improv(isational) theatre/comedy is about accepting offers, having fun making mistakes, support and taking risks.

With her CELT qualification, Laura Flynn brings her extensive teaching experience in both English as a Second Language (ESL) and improv to this improv program specifically designed for ESL learners.

Use English in a fun way and feel great!

Offered to:

  • English as a Second Language speakers (and as third, fourth language)
  • Language schools as an extra-curricular program
  • Integration programs within communities


  • To have fun using English, via a number of improvisation games and exercises
  • To feel more comfortable when speaking English with others
  • To improve listening and speaking skills in a more authentic environment
  • To react in a spontaneous manner
  • To use authentic language

Focus on :

  • using language/thinking in the moment
  • interactions and listening
  • accepting offers
  • risk taking
  • team building


  • Allows for organic interactions in a real-life settings
  • An opportunity to practice with peers
  • To step outside of comfort zone and gain confidence
  • To have fun making mistakes
  • Participation increases learning

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